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Oct. 1, 2017 UPDATE: Frida has found her forever home!

Frida has been with C.A.R.E. for a year and is looking for her own forever home. Frida, an unusual "torbie" (tortoiseshell/tabby) is a cat who likes to be in charge! Playful when she wants, napping when she wants, pets when she wants. Oh yes, and she needs to have a tunnel in which to play.

Please help Frida find her home by subsidizing her adoption fee.


In 1992, a man named Andrew walked into C.A.R.E., met a cat he named Zucchini and were best friends for over 19 years. After Zucchini passed, Andrew started the Zucchini's Gift fund in order to subsidize adoption fees for C.A.R.E. cats who were harder to place because of age or health. 

Fast-forward to 2012, when Catherine Feuerstein met C.A.R.E. cat Mimi. Mimi was an older cat, and fractious in the shelter environment. Catherine decided to take a leap of faith and adopt her. Even though they were only together four years, it is time Catherine wouldn’t trade for anything. Mimi served as proof adopters should consider taking in older kitties, as they are wonderful beings, deserving of love.

After Mimi crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Catherine trial-adopted Precious, a six- year-old girl who had lived as a single cat for most of her life. Unfortunately, Precious and resident cat Abby were not meant to be roommates, so Precious came back to C.A.R.E. Remembering back to the Zucchini's Gift fund, Catherine decided to pay it forward and subsidize Precious’ adoption fee, calling it the Mimi Fund. What a great way to honor Mimi, Zucchini and Precious.

Precious has now been adopted into a single-cat household, is loved and doing well. And—Precious’ adopter continued Zucchini’s legacy and has ‘paid it forward’ by contributing toward the adoption fee of two more C.A.R.E. kitties, Ramona and Mendel. Ramona and Mendel have been adopted, so now it's Frida's turn! 

Frida Finds Her Family

October 14, 2017

We are delighted to tell Frida's many 'Precious Pays It Forward' supporters that she has finally found a Home after being with CARE nearly a year.

Frida has particular likes and dislikes, which made her challenging to match with a typical adopter. One day, however, adoption counselor Diane received an application seeking a Maine Coon cat.

"Kathleen had had a Maine Coon who was quite cantankerous, which she appreciated, and she liked the size," Diane says. "I kind of jokingly said that we have a cat who's not a Maine Coon, but she's large and cantankerous! Anyway, she looked at our website and was drawn to Frida."

Fast forward several days. Kathleen arrived at CARE's cat facility with her carrier and went into Frida's catio. Frida allowed many pets, circled around-- and then Kathleen said, 'yeah I'll take her.'"

[insert sound of trumpets here]

"We really didn't know what Frida would be like in a home," Diane says. But judging from the relaxed photo of lounging Frida, we think it's pretty safe to say She's Home.
Thank you for your support of Ms. Frida thru CARE's Precious Pays it Forward Project.


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