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Support our Career Path interns in 40 internships across Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and New York!

A fundraising campaign for Fresh Films

Help us give our youth a leg up this summer!

Fresh Films Career Path students participate in an intensive 8-month filmmaking program, including an apprenticeship on a working film production, leading up to their placements in internships with film and media organizations. Our students are interested in pursuing careers in the film industry, and come mainly from underserved backgrounds.

While extremely dedicated to creating bright futures for themselves, most of our youth cannot afford to take on unpaid opportunities over their summer breaks. Many small organizations and other non-profits see the value in hosting one of our amazing students in an internship and are willing to dedicate the time to mentoring them but simply cannot afford the cost of an internship stipend.

That's where YOU come in! A donation of $500 funds an internship for a student who would otherwise miss out on this opportunity - so give today!

We will shout out all of our donors on social media, newsletters, and promote you in any other way that we can!

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About the Organization

Fresh Films is a film production company and training ground for youth working in the entertainment industry, whether it be writing, filmmaking, or even marketing! We engage future filmmakers on set for Emmy- nominated feature films, TV shows, and documentaries that are seen on DirecTV, IFC, iTunes, Amazon, Redbox, and in theatres. Our recent project with Reese Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine brought 21 female filmmakers to Los Angeles to create a documentary about women in film, and we’ve also produced “The Stream” starring Rainn Wilson ("The Office") and Mario Lopez!

Fresh Films is now located on-campus of Augustana College, a top- tier liberal arts college located on the beautiful Mississippi River in Rock Island, IL. Fresh Films and the college have launched a new Entertainment & Media program that allows college students to learn both technical and industry relevant skills for careers in entertainment – and Augustana students get to work with Fresh Films all-year long in production, editing, marketing and business. (Hint, hint – check us out when you’re looking at...

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