Forklift Training Program and OSHA-10

Empowerment, not entitlement! We provide employment opportunities and guidance, not handouts and platitudes.

A fundraising campaign for The HELP Program Cincinnati

The program will provide an OSHA curriculum for forklift operation that meets the needs of Beacon of Hope employers and other major companies in the area. Forklift drivers are high demand and are typically paid an average of $3.00 per hour more than the warehouse or light manufacturing jobs HELP members are filling now. Over the course of a year of full employment, that translates to approximately $9000 per person in added income, a major step in moving them toward self-sufficiency. If we train the targeted 25 persons this year, and they are successful in moving into forklift jobs, the total impact on the community will be $225,000 in added wages, which translates into a 1400% rate of return in one year.

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About the Organization

The HELP Program Cincinnati

The mission of the HELP Program is to inspire hope in those who have been convicted of a felony, by providing leadership opportunities in a caring community of support as well as the tools, education and resources they need to find and maintain career employment and become fully self-sufficient and contributing members of our society.