Food Justice for Teens and Families

Growing food justice in our community.

A fundraising campaign for Youth Farm Project

The YFP Teen Summer Program centers teens' experience and provides a space for being together safely during the pandemic, which is not yet behind us. It gives them time away from screens while being physically active, leading to better sleep patterns. Hands-on skill development and participation in the community are crucial aspects of self-esteem, confidence and good mental health. 

Teens need our support, and a place and space to be. Families need this as well.  The struggle to access healthy food is real, now more than ever. We are gathering support to continue our Teen Summer Program and expand food access through providing fresh vegetables to families where they can access them, at prices they can afford with dignity. 

Our Teen Summer Program is set to employ 13 teens for this summer, 11 of whom are BIPOC. We will continue the Social Justice Immersion after school program in the Fall, and even hopefully start elementary field trips again!

Our mission is to empower youth from diverse social and economic backgrounds as integral participants in building equitable local food communities. 

YFP is dedicated to healing our food system through an anti-racist organizing lens by bringing together youth from diverse backgrounds to explore environmental and social injustice within the food system. 

We believe that through critical thinking and openly learning about these issues, we can begin the healing of our food system, the earth, and ourselves. By developing leadership and communication skills with young people and having them participate in all aspects of food production and farming – from planting to harvesting and distributing, we can increase our unity and hope for positive change in our community and beyond. 

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