FOCUS 50th Anniversary Gala Celebration

Celebrating 50 Years of doing together what we cannot do alone united in a common calling to respond to our neighbor’s needs in the city of Albany and beyond.

A fundraising campaign for FOCUS Churches of Albany, Inc.

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This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the FOCUS Churches of Albany! 

In 1967 a concerned group of clergy, church members and citizens joined together to address the needs of the hungry and homeless in Albany. Recognizing that one church, or group of individuals, could not successfully address these issues alone, the FOCUS churches joined together. Today there are six covenant churches, six interfaith food pantry affiliates, and numerous other faith communities who support the work and mission of FOCUS. 

As the needs of our community have grown, so have the array of services.          

FOCUS provided in 2016: 

●  The Breakfast Program (opened in 1984), served an average of 104 individuals three days a week during the cold months and 51 twice a week during the warmer months. 

●  The Interfaith Food Pantry (opened in 1976) provided meals for an average of 317 households per month.

●  Advocacy on social justice issues to end hunger and poverty.

●  Equipped over 150 children with school supplies in the fall.

●  “Gardening in a Bucket for Kids” to promote healthy eating habits by learning to grow their own vegetables.

In this current climate of fiscal uncertainty, FOCUS is asking for your support. 

Together, FOCUS works to lift and sustain the most vulnerable among us.  Your investment in FOCUS helps to strengthen our entire community. 

Please join our Honorary Committee in recognition of fifty years of working together. FOCUS will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. at St. Sophia’s Church, 440 Whitehall Road, Albany and we look forward to sharing this milestone with you.

FOCUS has strengthened our community for a half century, and we will need its continuing presence. Your support is essential. 

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Robert Lamar         

A Founding Pastor

Honorary Committee Co-chair  


Bishop Howard Hubbard

Honorary Committee Co-chair

About the Organization

FOCUS Churches of Albany, Inc.

Since 1967, the FOCUS Churches of Albany have joined together as God's servant people in programs of community service and common worship. Celebrating our diversity -- working together in unity! We welcome all people to join us in an adventure that puts feet on our faith.
Through our Interfaith Food Pantry (at Emmanuel Baptist Church) and the "Breakfast Club" (at Westminster Presbyterian Church), our staff and volunteers have made the acquaintance of some of the neediest persons in our neighborhoods. Crises come knocking at our doors every day of the week, involving food, housing, clothing and legal and medical needs, as well as spiritual direction and counseling. FOCUS Churches responds personally and makes referrals to appropriate agencies and resources.
Recognizing that mercy and justice go hand-in-hand, FOCUS works for the day when food pantries and soup kitchens are no longer needed. To move toward this goal, we believe faith communities must move from charity-only responses, to embracing justice. Hunger and poverty are moral issues and political...

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