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A fundraising campaign for Fostering Media Connections

A Campaign to Support Stories About YOU, our Readers.

This spring, rather than gearing up for our annual mountaineering trip with former foster youth, Fostering Media Connections (FMC) is launching our For the Community campaign to inspire a movement among our readers.

Instead of just elevating the voices of youth, this year we will lift up the voices of parents, kinship caregivers, judges, lawyers, siblings, clerks, social workers, probation officers, nonprofit case managers and more, to paint a more complete picture of the child welfare system at large.

This campaign will support our core work of bringing the community together and telling stories that would otherwise go untold – and we have already raised $10,000 in matching funds, so your donation can go twice as far!

This means telling stories for the voices of our community:

We are asking you to support FMC’s sustained focus on covering the vibrant and dedicated community that supports vulnerable children, youth and families. Your donation will help us unearth the stories of our readers and community, the stories YOU want to make sure are told.

About FMC

Fostering Media Connections (FMC) is a nonprofit news organization that produces investigative and accountability journalism focused on the systems that serve vulnerable children, youth and their families. Your support ensures fair, accurate reporting on one of the nation's most complex and poorly understood public systems.

FMC publishes a daily news site, The Chronicle of Social Change, and a print magazine, Fostering Families Today. Both have won numerous journalism awards and driven policy change at the county, state and federal levels.  

Beyond publishing stories, FMC employs an aggressive dissemination strategy to see its stories republished in – and followed by – other news outlets. Last year, The Chronicle published 800 stories. Other outlets either co-published, followed or linked to those stories 753 times.

FMC harnesses the power of journalism and media to improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth and their families.

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About the Organization

Fostering Media Connections

Fostering Media Connections harnesses the power of journalism and media to drive public and political will behind reforming the systems that serve vulnerable children, youth and their families.

We report and produce our own coverage, which is published in The Chronicle of Social Change, Adoption Today and Fostering Families Today. We then market those stories to mainstream and niche media outlets in an effort to change the overarching child welfare and juvenile justice narratives towards solutions, not simply problems. We also train student journalists, policymakers and social workers to use journalism to drive change, and we share our expertise with professional reporters.
Los Angeles, CA