Fill the Rehab Gallery!

Help us fill an empty hallway in UHS's Rehab Unit with interactive artwork to engage patients and complement other therapies.

A fundraising campaign for The Memory Maker Project

Almost two years ago, my gramps had a stroke. In the blink of an eye, my beloved, smart, hilarious, tender hearted grandfather who could recite Shakespeare while walking on his hands couldn't piece a sentence together.

Rightfully so, he was confused and angry about being cooped up in the neurology unit for days.

When I visited, I took him for walks around the unit, hoping to find something to distract him.

I kept wishing there was artwork to talk about or books to read. After all, bodies aren't the only things that need tending to in the hospital- a person's body can't do much without nurturing the spirit and the mind. What's more, I needed some way to connect with him to help me through this trying time.

He (and my family) received great care, but I was left thinking there could be more. At the time, I was deeply ingrained in the roll of “granddaughter” and wasn’t thinking too far beyond my grandfather’s recovery. Once he was doing better and with a little distance, I realized that the Memory Maker Project could make a difference.  

At the Memory Maker Project, we run art and cultural programs for people with memory loss (many who have had a stroke) where we use art as a way of connecting with people, inspiring conversations, and improving the quality of life of people living with memory loss and their care partners.

Why not bring what we do into hospitals?

Fast forward to present day and take a look at this empty hallway. United Health Services Rehabilitation Unit will soon be home to the first interactive rehab art gallery in our area (and maybe anywhere!).

The walls will house prints of famous artwork (that my gramps helped pick out) accompanied by questions, prompts, and songs intended to engage patients and complement other therapies.

At the Memory Maker Project, we are excited to see this idea come to life! 

We can't do it without you! Your donation will offset the cost of...

  • Frames
  • Mats 
  • Printing costs 
  • Hardware 
  • Artwork 
  • Other things we've surely missed!

Thank you for considering!


Christina Muscatello 

Co-Founder & Director of the Memory Maker Project 

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About the Organization

The Memory Maker Project

The Memory Maker Project is a cultural access and advocacy program for people living with Alzheimer's and other forms of memory loss in New York's Southern Tier.

Engaging in the arts can reduce anxiety, apathy and depression--all symptoms associated with memory loss. The arts also add joy and confidence to a person's life. They conjure up old memories, and can even inspire new ones.

The Memory Maker Project is a project of the Center for Transformative Action, a 501(c)3 organization, which accepts donations on our behalf.