Fall Fundraising Campaign

To fund the 118 BCT scholarships given to homeless and low-income children

A fundraising campaign for BCT Brooklyn Children's Theatre

Brooklyn Children's Theatre was founded in 2004 in an effort to give children the joy, pride, and community that comes with performing in a musical theatre production.

Over the past 13 years, we’ve given thousands of scholarships to low-income children in our efforts to make musical theatre available to every child, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. 

One of our scholarship alumni has just started her freshman year at Harvard. Tajrean’s family moved here from Bangladesh 20 years ago. BCT taught Tajrean how to express herself and how to speak in front of a crowd with confidence.  She became a leader in her community and was quickly recognized by Harvard University as an asset to their incoming class. Tajrean continues to work with BCT to help us embrace, represent, and tell the stories of children from diverse cultures. 

"BCT has shaped me as a person. Every child deserves an opportunity to shine bright and share their talent with the world."       -Tajrean 

Tajrean in BCT in 2008
Tajrean at Harvard 2016 



As an extension of our scholarship program, last year we created BCT OASIS, bringing children from family shelters into our classes.

Eighteen homeless children have:

  • performed in 8 musicals,
  • taken playwriting classes
  • taken vocal and acting technique classes,
  • recorded 4 cast albums,
  • created 3 shows from scratch. 

Many of these children have been inspired to write their own plays and stories.

They were invited to perform for Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams at the International Day of Friendship; they have walked with Mayor De Blasio in the Park Slope Halloween Parade, and two of our Oasis students saw the ocean for the first time when they sang at the Brooklyn Cyclones game at Coney Island.  

“BCT is giving our children an opportunity no one else has.”-Oasis parent  

BCT Oasis students perform in our Spring MainStage Theatre Festival

Our greatest support comes from you, the individual donor. As we grow to serve over 1,000 children this year, our need for support is that much more profound.  Thank you for your support! The kids and I greatly appreciate it!

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About the Organization

BCT Brooklyn Children's Theatre

Brooklyn Children’s Theatre (BCT) is an after school musical theatre program, serving over 1300 children in Brooklyn.
We believe that theatre should be for all children, not just for those that can afford it.
Original musicals are written by professional artists to cater to the needs of every child, ensuring a fulfilling experience where all of our kids can grow as artists and as people.
This year, we are producing 39 musical productions that will be seen by 7,000 audience members.