Fall 2020 donations

Opening doors for local families.

Through the collaboration of local faith and civic groups, Family Promise of Gainesville provides families experiencing homelessness with compassionate care that includes case management, education, housing, meals and transportation until they can transition to a home of their own.

  • Shelter is at 200% of our previous capacity.
  • Meal provision is at 300% of our previous capacity. 
  • Over 10,000 meals delivered since this pandemic began.
  • Rental assistance and homeless prevention programs are still operational.
  • We are moving forward with our new partnership with Rebuilding Together, thanks to the TD Foundation and First Federal Bank, to purchase four more units to expand the affordable housing stock. The renovations for these units will be complete by January 2021.
  • Calls for housing and rental assistance have increased, and we expect a dramatic increase after the eviction moratorium is lifted December 31st.

  • We have switched from a “rotational shelter” to a new “scattered site” model. This means we have rented 6 units to house our families. This costs us approximately $1,700 per week in new expenses.
  • We estimate that we lost $34,000 per month of in-kind support when congregational facilities were no longer available, as a result of Covid-19.
  • Volunteers are still engaged—in a new and safe way. Congregations are still providing meals, supplies, and support for us during what would be their regularly scheduled "hosting week"and you can sign up through this link. Meals are dropped off at our day center, and our staff delivers them to families.
  • Given recent spike in Covid-19 cases and feedback from our volunteers, we will not return to our previous rotational shelter structure until at least June 2021. 

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