Fall 2017 Registration Fundraiser

We're growing--we need your help!

A fundraising campaign for Math Circles of Chicago

MC2 is free so that its programs are accessible to ALL 5th to 12th graders in Chicago. We provided enrichment to more than 450 kids last year, and we will serve more than 550 this year. As we open registration this fall, we are asking families that have the means to support us by donating $100 if they are enrolling a child in math circles, and $200 if they can possibly help support another kid whose family can't afford to give.

Not only are we free to students, but we provide first rate enrichment programs to all comers. Our sessions are led by PhD students from local universities, leading teachers in the Chicago area, and university faculty. We are continually improving the sessions we offer. Because we do good work, we are in demand. Help us meet that demand and support our growth--thanks!

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About the Organization

Math Circles of Chicago

The Math Circles of Chicago seek to provide 5th to 12th graders in all communities of Chicago with opportunities to actively participate in doing novel mathematics in order to increase their mathematical power and to promote a lifelong love of mathematics.