Facility Dog in Paradise

A fundraising campaign for Pequea Valley Education Foundation

We're working to bring a facility service dog to Paradise Elementary to support our positive school climate and assist learners with strong emotions when needed

Paradise Elementary is currently working to develop a facility service dog program to support our learners.  This has been a goal for our school counselor for several years, but tragedies in Lancaster County schools over the past year have defined the rising need for this type of support in schools.  Anxiety, depression, and anger are on the rise for learners across Lancaster.  We are hoping to proactively assist our learners with these mental health needs so they will be better equipped moving forward.  

We need your help to reach our goal of bringing a facility dog to work at Paradise!

Pequea Valley is always striving to support every learner as a whole child.  Evidence has shown that having a service dog in a school environment can provide various benefits.  A facility dog can help:

  • Calm learners who are nervous/sad/anxious/angry
  • Promote positive self-esteem
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Give motivation for less-preferred tasks

Our facility dog will be trained to provide support in different ways: visit with a learner who is sad or lonely, provide light pressure to calm a child who is anxious, or teach learners about empathy, patience, and compassion.  Our facility dog will be available to greet all learners, build upon the positive school climate, and assist with mental health needs. 

The Pequea Valley Education Foundation is assisting Paradise Elementary with the fundraising for this school goal.

A special thank you to the Paradise Township Lions Club who made a generous contribution early on when we first started working toward this goal!

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