Extending the Table This Thanksgiving

A fundraising campaign for Live Greater

For many families, as unemployment ends and COVID-19 continues,

Make Space in Your Heart for Your Neighbor

Last Thanksgiving, families across the United States were facing an unprecedented crisis and were advised to celebrate without gathering. With so much uncertainty, we know that family gatherings become even more important to our sense of safety and well-being. But for some of us, these effects are complicated further by poverty, domestic violence, or illness. As food costs rise and shortages emerge, the cost of a basic Thanksgiving dinner may be challenging. For others, the safety of young kids is such a pressing concern that the holiday takes a back seat. Like you, we believe that family, reflection, and resting are important. And small moments of grace can inspire great change.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on all our blessings. Expenses should stop a family from enjoying this harvest celebration. You can set a seat at the table for families that need our help.

Families escaping domestic violence, families living in poverty, and people in homeless shelters will receive Thanksgiving meals that they may not have enjoyed without your help.

Each year we partner with organizations in three states including: Wichita Catholic Charities Food Pantries, Wichita Guadalupe Clinic, Humankind Ministries of Wichita, St Jude's Wichita Food Pantry, St. Joseph's Friary in NYC, Haven House of Buffalo, NY, and St. Gianna Women's Homes in Lincoln, NE. 

Can you make room in your heart for 6,000 people who need help to celebrate Thanksgiving? You can make a difference for a family who may not be able to afford it. 

Your contribution--whether it is small or large--will help make Thanksgiving possible for struggling families. Providing time together with family, as we continue to face a global pandemic, can provide moments of grace and kindness.

Let's extend the Thanksgiving table! 

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