Esmeralda Simmons Pre Law Program

Integrate the fight for social justice into MEC students’ experience, providing them with an enhanced, transformative and foundational pre-law education.

CLSJ is integrating the fight for social justice into Medgar Evers College students’ experience by providing an enhanced, transformative and foundational pre-law education. This year long pre-law program will train eight to ten MEC juniors for one year as CLSJ engages in impact litigation, policy and legislative research and launches community education campaigns.

The program will offer mentorship and guidance for MEC students seeking to enter the legal field; law school preparation programs like access to LSAT training, and hands-on experience with applying the law to the needs of their community.  The program will include a speaker series, workshops, conferences and a full slate of opportunities for MEC students to strengthen their academic experience and prepare them to advocate for their communities.  Students in the program will attend hearings; meet with legal practitioners to ask pragmatic questions about the practice of law; engage in community organizing and community education campaigns to assist New Yorkers learn their rights.

Students will learn about and educate their peers on key pieces of legislation such as the New York State John R. Lewis Voting Rights Bill and other state and federal laws that secure civil rights. Finally, the Esmeralda Simmons Pre Law program will give students the opportunity to learn and practice specific skills that are key to the practice of law and to advocacy in general.

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