Englewood Quality of Life Fund - Englewood Rising!

A fundraising campaign for Englewood Quality of Life Fund Coming together for a Greater Englewood...Englewood Rising!

A fundraising campaign for Englewood Quality of Life Fund

When most people think about the community of Englewood, they think of poverty, crime and hopelessness. However, there are committed residents working collectively to make a difference and recently completed a Quality-of-Life Plan for the community.  

We are asking YOU to support the projects and early actions of this plan by donating to the Englewood Quality-of-Life Fund.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 by May 31st! So any amount you can contribute would be helpful! 

We plan to do the following with the monies raised - 

  • Award 5 current HS seniors an Englewood College Scholarship at $500 per student
  • Award mini grants to block clubs of Englewood for upcoming block parties
  • Award mini grants to the various Englewood Quality of Life Task Forces to support early action projects.

During our last fundraiser we was able to do the following -

  • Award $5000 to the Ogden Park Vikings Junior Football Team
  • Create Englewood Rising Billboards Throughout the Community
  • Award 4 young victims who were shot in Englewood a donation to their college fund

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About the Organization

Englewood Quality of Life Fund

Our mission is to be a community facilitator and convening organization that works to catalyze economic development, quality education and healthy living for the Greater Englewood community. These efforts are exercised through partnerships and policy advocacy. Our initiatives strengthen the ability of community stakeholders to teach each other how to advocate for and provide services that contribute to the economic, political, and social vitality of the community. That way everyone can have the opportunity to live ultimately in a safe, nurturing and sustainable environment.