Empower Montana Rainbow Campaign

As many ways to transform Montana as colors in the rainbow!

A fundraising campaign for EmpowerMT

Empower Montana has as many ways to transform our communities as the rainbow flag has colors. Over the next several weeks we will be telling the story of 8 of our programs using the colors of the Rainbow Pride Flag as our guide to sharing how Empower Montana is transforming Montana into a more just and inclusive community. At the same time we are giving you the opportunity to support those programs and join us in making this transformation happen! At the end of the 8 weeks we hope to make an exciting announcement about the Rainbow Pride Flag and our community here in Missoula.

This Week’s Transformative Program: Youth Forward After School Club for LGBTQ Youth

This week we will be finishing up our Spring Rainbow Appeal by using the color red to celebrate and educate the community about our Youth Forward after school club for LGBTQ youth. For 10 years Youth Forward has been a place for LGBTQ youth to find support from peers and adult mentors, build skills and resilience to overcome many of the challenges they face in their daily lives and to raise up their voices to create change in their community. Beyond these important outcomes Youth Forward participants also play an incredibly important role throughout everything Empower Montana does. They make up a major part of our youth trainers who lead our peer-led bullying and violence prevention trainings, they are leaders in the policy and advocacy work we do and they push us to look at the different intersections of oppression and discrimination like race, gender and culture.

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About the Organization

EmpowerMT creates a more just and inclusive society by developing youth and adult leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen communities across Montana.

EmpowerMT envisions a Montana where each person is respected, where differences are understood, where youth, institutions, and communities share a commitment to correct injustices, and where all people have the opportunity to thrive without the risk of violence or oppression.