Empowering Usa River, Tanzania

A fundraising campaign for Global Solace Inc

New stretch goal! Check in below!

Update:  NEW STRETCH GOAL! We have been overwhelmed with an incredible show of support in the campaign's first week. In under seven days, 48 donors came through, helping us to reach the Uraki School in Tanzania by fall. But there's more to do! If we can raise an additional $5000, we can install a computer system in the school during the same visit! Computers will help teachers and students access curriculum they'd have been unable to reach elsewhere and teachers are able to find support for issues they observe in the classroom. This is so important in schools that have low teacher-student ratios. Please help us enhance learning outcomes for kids in Usa River, Tanzania! 

Global Solace believes that access to a quality education is an inalienable right. Research shows that something as simple as providing electricity to a school can help improve student literacy by 12%.  As a part of our belief in the importance of education, we provide a solar electrical system, computer labs, lights, and fans to schools in the developing world.

This summer, we are heading to Tanzania to install a solar electrical system and a computer lab at the Uraki School in Usa River. 
Solar electrical systems are cost-efficient, long lasting ways to help children and families throughout the world, making communities safer and healthier, in addition to increasing the quality of education. 

We need your help to get us there! We've already received a generous donation from 
First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation, including solar panels. But we have more to raise to get us there. Can you offer your support?

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About the Organization

Global Solace believes in the inalienable rights of health care and education. Because of this resolve, we commit to bringing reliable and renewable sources of energy to the schools and health clinics of the developing world. We aim to improve the lives of individuals and communities through sustainable energy and internet connected computer networks. This work increases the health and vitality of children and families throughout the world.