eLearning @ Alive Scholarship Fund

Help provide junior high students a safe space to learn this school year @ Alive! This fund provides child care for families in need.

A fundraising campaign for Alive Center NFP


The eLearning Space @ Alive is seeking sponsors to provide scholarships for our local teens who might otherwise be at home alone during school hours. We are turning to the community to provide scholarships for 6th - 8th graders and their families who need financial assistance. The vast majority of these scholarships will support S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Families. S.U.C.C.E.S.S which stands for “School Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students"; is a parent volunteer organization, devoted to inspiring and empowering black students/children of color to reach their full academic potential within Naperville's School District 203. 

The Alive Center is partnering with Naperville School District 203 to offer middle schoolers a space to complete their school day of eLearning. 

“We saw a need for our junior high students to have a place where they could participate in eLearning with access to resources while their parents worked,” said Stephanie Posey, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education.  “We are thankful for our partnership with the ALIVE Center and will provide technical support, as well as a Naperville 203 liaison to support our junior high learners.”

Your scholarship for a local teen provides more than a safe space for remote learning, it offers peer connections and socialization for teens, social-emotional support from caring adults, and first priority access to our free Drop-in program which provides snacks, activities, clubs, games and more until 7PM each week day.

eLearning @ Alive scholarship funds help support middle school teens whose families cannot afford the unanticipated childcare costs due to remote learning and don’t have access to any other financial assistance.

Thank you for helping Alive support our community to adapt to remote learning and help relieve the strain it puts on our working and single-parent families!

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About the Organization

The Alive Center’s Teen-Led, Teen-DrivenTM Drop-in programs provide unique programming for local students to come together to learn, create, and socialize in a welcoming, safe, and supervised environment. During the critical hours after school and over summer vacation, our program provides teens and tweens with free tutoring, mentoring, classes and workshops on a variety of topics such as leadership, career development, healthy cooking, art and music, drug prevention and awareness, anti-bullying and cyber safety information, community service projects, STEM, media, and more. The majority of these programs are Teen-Led, Teen-DrivenTM (TLTD) to make them most relevant for the younger teens and tweens while giving the older teens a place to lead and innovate.

We are honored and thrilled to be one of the first teen centers in the nation that is serving both junior high and high schoolers, affluent and at-risk, through a peer mentoring model. It is a powerful peer model of teens helping teens where they all become empowered in the process.