Effie's Surgery

Help Effie get adopted by subsidizing her surgery.

Hi there! My name is Effie. I’m a sweet, wiggly clown of a girl who LOVES to chase balls and give cuddles. But before I chase any more balls, I will have to have surgery on both of my knees. The cruciate ligaments on my back legs are in such very bad shape. My legs hurt, but I’m getting medicine now, which helps the pain. My angels from C.A.R.E. are looking after me so tenderly. 

Can you pitch in to help cover the cost of my surgery? I am SO ready to be someone’s new partner in fun, adventure—and chasing balls. But first, I need a little assistance! Thank you!  <3 


Effie’s ACL repair for her right and left knee will cost about $3,000. Every donation will help this great dog enjoy a wonderful and much-deserved new life.

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Community Animal Rescue Effort - C.A.R.E.

Community Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.™) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization with a mission to serve the communities of Chicago's North Shore by fostering and supporting healthy, positive relationships between people and companion animals. C.A.R.E. rehomes companion pets into safe, healthy, lifelong homes; serves as an educational and counseling resource; and works to reduce pet overpopulation.