Education Supplies for IBBR

IBBR would like to obtain a new replica bear skull that is similar to the one transitioned over to The Animals' Trust.

A fundraising campaign for Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.

When IBBR asked that the bear and Be BearWise education and outreach programs be transferred over to The Animals' Trust, The Animals' Trust, retained some of the various educational supplies and equipment that were developed and utilized over the years.  Recently, IBBR has contacted us in regard to a new need to replenish some of the education tool-sets that we used as a part of the past and current outreach efforts on bears. As we understand, the current need is for a replica bear skull.  Thus, we are sharing that need in the hope that you might contribute toward the cost of procuring a new one for IBBR.

This realistic replica (not from real bears) can be purchased for approximately $174 from one of the leading environmental education supply outlets.  If you can assist IBBR with replacing this skull for IBBR, it would be greatly appreciated.  Your contribution for the same is tax-deductible as all funds go directly to IBBR, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Thank you!

Valerie, Founder/Director of The Animals' Trust

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About the Organization

Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc.

Our mission is to give all orphaned cubs a second chance at life in the wild by:
1) Rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned cubs whenever possible.
2) Instituting bear rehabilitation programs and training rehabilitators in states where the option currently does not exist.
3) Working with state wildlife agencies to establish bear rehab as a standard part of their wildlife management policies.
4) Educating the public about bear rehab and our shared responsibility to protect wild bears and their habitat.
5) Continue learning and sharing rehab methods to successfully release orphaned cubs.