Eclipse Poverty 21

A fundraising campaign for Red Bird Mission, Inc. & Clinic, Inc.

Join us August 1-21 to block out poverty for those we serve in southeastern Kentucky. Watch daily to see how we can do this together.

                           Eclipse Poverty 21

Kentucky is in the news! Hopkinsville, Kentucky is being touted as the “epicenter” for witnessing the total solar eclipse occurring August 21st.

While we won’t experience a total solar eclipse here at Red Bird Mission in the southeastern part of the state, we are an “epicenter” in the work of eclipsing poverty. Since it’s beginning in 1921, Red Bird Mission has poured all its resources into a covenant with the people in the Appalachian mountains to stand between the tide of poverty and its devastating effects.

We are posting 21 different ways that Red Bird Mission is eclipsing poverty leading up to the solar eclipse on August 21st. We are also inviting our supporters to join us in our effort to block poverty and give the families that we serve an opportunity to flourish in the light of Christ.

Of course, it takes financial resources to carry on our live-giving work so we are asking that each person receiving this information give a special gift of $21, $210, or $2,100 by August 21st.  Additionally, we are asking that you challenge 21 other people to give with you.

Will you accept the challenge to help us eclipse the effects of poverty? We hope so because your giving is vital to eclipsing poverty in southeastern Kentucky?

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About the Organization

Red Bird Mission, Inc. & Clinic, Inc.

Red Bird Mission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving a variety of family needs in remote, economically challenged areas of Bell, Clay and Leslie counties in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky. Over 9,000 people are reached each year through PreK-12 education, basic needs for families and elderly, family development, home repair, crafts marketing and a thrift shop.