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A fundraising campaign for Citizens Empowering Citizens

Today’s public transportation has met an all-time low. With bug out-breaks, jam packed busses and trains, and many often taking their own lives using public transit a way to do so, this is a blatant cry for help within the transportation industry. Empower Transit, also known as E-TRANSIT, sets a precedent that meets and exceeds expectations for modernized transportation. E-TRANSIT offers efficient, safe, and secure rides to those looking for an alternative route. Rather it be appointments, grocery shopping, school, or work; E-TRANSIT is here to meet those basic needs, taking you where you need to be.

Partnering with senior homes, schools, community members, and business leaders around Chicago, conducting workshops, trainings, and experiences for the overall development of drivers, and passengers involved with Empower Transit. Connecting our entire network to the professional and cultural life of the city.

Mission: Providing reliable and efficient transportation to seniors and anyone in need of transportation.

According to City-Data states, with “1 out of every 10 people in Cook County, roughly 438,500 of them live in “transit deserts” that are cut off from efficient bus and train services.” Many of them living in some of our more poverty-stricken neighborhoods. These seniors and other individuals trying to maintain their jobs or provide transportation, can find comfort in relying on E-Transit.

Too many of them are adults with aging parents who are not able to provide transportation for their parents in the time of need. Doctor visits, prescription pickups, and grocery runs; E-Transit will fill that gap for those residents who try but just simply, can’t get a ride. Parents struggle to provide transportation for children to and from school during the normal work week because of this. With older parents to care for and the lack of that one essential need, reliable efficient transportation, the family structure can really take a downfall. Some may work long hours, and children might stay afterschool for extracurricular activities. E-transit is there to assist beyond your transportation needs.

What if you were the Son or Daughter or simply someone considered by your own merit a relative of a Senior in need. Not only will they have access to reliable transportation, but so will you. Many seniors and families in urban and suburban areas struggle to find reliable transportation. The result is missed appointments, even after waiting months for care to be available, poor illness management, and school/work absence. What if that did not have to be. E-Transit picks up where other transportation options lack. 


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About the Organization

Citizens Empowering Citizens

Locally and nationally Citizens Empowering Citizens (CEC) is a not for profit organization striving to help those in need. We offer a second chance and a helping hand to those in many of our poverty and violent stricken neighborhoods. Providing opportunity, mentoring, and safe environments. Our foundation is built on Commitment, Honor, Optimism, Integrity, Courage, Excellence, Strength.