Here Come The Saints!

A fundraising campaign for D'Youville

It’s Your Move. 

A strong university athletics program can elevate an entire institution. At D’Youville, we are proud that our recent acceptance into NCAA Division II has brought our school increased attention from student-athletes from across the country and a new reason for our entire community to stand up and cheer.   

A team is only as strong as their fan base – that's why we need YOU to keep our momentum moving forward. A gift to D’Youville athletics impacts the lives of our student-athletes in countless ways, including: 

-Upgrading Facilities 

-Creating Athletics Hall of Fame 

-Enhancing Academic Training Center 

-Improving Leadership Academy

-Amplifying Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) 

THANK YOU for your gift, and for your support in  keeping D’Youville ‘Saints Strong’! 

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About the Organization

The philosophy of D'Youville Athletics has been built to provide student-athletes a unique college experience​ that, after their time on campus, will prepare them to contribute to the community by leading compassionate,​ productive, and responsible lives.

We guarantee that, through balanced academic and athletic experiences, our​ student-athletes will leave D'Youville as experts in their fields and passionate and compassionate leaders. They will​ value sportsmanship and respect, and they will positively impact the communities in which they live, work, and ​serve.