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Design My Room™ is an exclusive Wish Upon a Teen program for teenagers facing extended hospitalization due to life-threatening illness or serious injury.

A fundraising campaign for Wish Upon A Teen

Design My Room™ is an exclusive Wish Upon a Teen program for teenagers facing extended hospitalization due to life-threatening illness or serious injury. Thanks to partnerships with hospitals throughout the country, Wish Upon a Teen is given access to the teen’s hospital room and allowed to redecorate it to feel more comforting and relaxing – more like “home.”. This includes bringing in new bedding, rugs, posters and even movie or sports memorabilia, all according to the teen’s interests and tastes. This simple makeover has a remarkably positive impact on a teenager’s sense of well-being. And once the teen is ready to return home, they can take all of the decorative items with them to use however they desire.

Design My Room™ Reflections“My granddaughter is at Rady Children’s Hospital and getting ready for a very frightening procedure. She has been so sick for so long and it makes me so happy to see the smile on her face. Thanks and bless you for your good works.”
– Catherine

“She is so excited with everything! I haven’t seen her this happy in the longest time. Thank you!”
– Marie, Child Life Specialist at Rady Children’s Hospital

"I am a Certified Child Life Specialist in the rehabilitation unit as UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact the Design My Room program made on one of our teen patients and his family. We are so appreciative of the work you do!”
– Jennifer Geisse, MA, CCLS

“It truly made all the difference. Suddenly, it was HIS room and it was like he wasn’t in the hospital anymore. Everything is so awesome!”
– PT’s Mother

"Thank you so much for making some serious magic happen. One teen patient absolutely LOVED her room decorations. She said she doesn’t feel like she’s in the hospital but in her own room. Another patient grinned from ear-to-ear after seeing his decorated room. Seeing him experience such rare joy is so moving.”
– Katie Craft, Certified Child Life Specialist at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

“My mother is currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer. She’s in her 50’s and dreads her hospital stays. She believes spending time in the hospital makes her feel more sick than she really is. With every visit I think of those who have to spend long amounts of time cooped up in these rooms, my heart hurts for each and every person going through this struggle.

A couple months back I saw a teenage girl sitting on a bed as I passed through the hall to visit my mom. Her sitting there, blank walls, white robe, it stuck with me. It hurt me. Knowing you’re out there helping make life enjoyable is a true comfort.”
-C. Halliwell

“Thank you so much for making the trip out to DC to decorate Krissy’s hospital room. The Harry Potter theme looks wonderful! Krissy has enjoyed showing it off to the hospital staff and her visitors. It has really helped to make her feel better about being stuck here for so long (88 days so far this admission). We are so grateful to Wish Upon a Teen for helping to bring a smile to a little girl who has had to endure so much. And we also want to thank all those who made donations for Krissy.”

“Kaylynn just got a room make over by Wish Upon A Teen!!! What a great organization.”
-Terri Voakes Dobbyn

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About the Organization

Wish Upon a Teen is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing resources, time and opportunities to teenagers with severe life-limiting medical conditions and learning disabilities. Through creative, social, and educational opportunities, our goal is to normalize their environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood.

Wish Upon a Teen’s founder, Michelle Soto, has extensive experience caring for children and teenagers, through this experience she has learned that teens are frequently left behind. In effect, the combination of normal teenage stressors plus the impact of severe life limiting medical conditions and learning disabilities can make the normal transition to adulthood difficult. Wish Upon a Teen continuously provides ongoing support to an age-group not frequently targeted by those in the charitable community. 

Wish Upon a Teen provides support to teenagers throughout the country.