Double our PT Potential

Help CommunityHealth secure a 2nd physical therapy table so we can chip away at our forever longest wait time for our most in-demand service!

A fundraising campaign for CommunityHealth

Physical therapy has long been one of the most popular referrals at CommunityHealth. Despite also being our largest specialty volunteer program - 10 different physical therapists provided a combined 13 PT clinics in August! - we still struggle to keep up with new referrals and reduce our wait time, which has hovered between 5-6 months over the last 12 months.

As we continue pushing to grow the team to better address our patients' needs, we are also challenged due to limited space, as we have only one room equipped with a high-low table suitable for PT, meaning we can only have one PT provider here at a time.

This is where you come in...

We are raising targeted funds to secure a second high-low table to install in one of our exam rooms, allowing us significantly more flexibility in terms of recruiting and scheduling new volunteer physical therapists. 

We are also very lucky to have a generous donor offering a $1,000 match if we hit our goal of $1,230, which will bring us to the total needed to purchase this new table. We can do this!

Our hope is to have this gift be supported by and in the name of our CommunityHealth Physical Therapy Team. :)

Once we have a second table, we can recruit right away to start expanding our Saturday morning PT program, which already has a very strong foundation (thank you!), offers appointments at an optimally convenient time for many of our patients, as well as a volunteer shift most desired by those who work a standard schedule.

Saturdays at CommunityHealth are also heavy on fitness and wellness classes, making this an ideal day to extend PT programming in conjunction with existing yoga/Pilates/Zumba/boxing fitness classes, along with other health education offerings. Doubling Saturday clinics alone would mean an additional 16-20 PT appointments/month, and of course we would similarly be able to expand weekday clinics when our one PT room is already claimed. 

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About the Organization

Founded in 1993, CommunityHealth is dedicated to serving the uninsured and underserved in Chicago and surrounding communities. Every year, CommunityHealth provides more than 15,000 medical and dental visits to thousands of patients. CommunityHealth is a place where Chicagoans are helping Chicagoans. Our supporters are contributing to the education of the next generation of medical professionals, who are providing essential health care to those who fall through the cracks of the established system. Keeping these individuals healthy makes the city stronger, one individual at a time.