Donations in Loving Memory of Dixie Lee Kellerhals

Our family is grateful for your kindness in honoring Dixie’s memory by supporting Special Olympics.

A fundraising campaign for Special Olympics Texas

Dixie was an avid supporter of Special Olympics, being involved as a volunteer coach, chaperone, cheerleader and “Mom to all” for over thirty years. She always had a smile and a hug for her athletes, and often the other competitors, too!  She was the number one fan of her daughter, Kai, attending hundreds of games, and more than a thousand practices.

She was loved by all for her warmth, kindness, and spirit.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness helping us honor her memory. Your support will go directly to the two teams she was most involved in, Killeen-Cove-Hood Special Olympics and New Braunfels Special Olympics.

The Kellerhals Family

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Special Olympics Texas

Special Olympics Texas Vision
It is our vision to become the premier provider of Special Olympics training and competition in the world. We approach each endeavor with a single intent - to improve the quality of life for our athletes. The challenges of the future are embraced with enthusiasm and commitment, ensuring that the changing face and needs of our athletes are met.