Horizons National 2021

Expanding Impact. Expanding Horizons.

A fundraising campaign for Horizons National

All young people deserve equitable opportunities to learn both during and out of school, regardless of where they live.

The past year has been challenging for all students -- but for students in communities affected most by pandemic-related school closures, widening gaps in access to remote learning technology, opportunities to build relationships, and enriching activities outside of school have created barriers to healthy and positive youth development.

Programs like Horizons are working hard to help students break down these barriers. Our work has never been more urgent, and your donations on Horizons Giving Day will give us the resources we need to help students, families, and communities recover from the COVID pandemic.

During a typical year, summer learning loss can leave students 2-3 months behind where they left off in school. This year, due to COVID and inequities in remote learning access, some students are facing up to a year's worth of learning loss, and over one million high schoolers are at risk of dropping out of school -- which will cause ripple effects in our society for decades.

Experts recognize that programs like Horizons are critical to help level the playing field and set students on the path to recovery. We are using Horizons' major strengths -- academics, social-emotional learning, family engagement, and building community -- to guide our work at over 65 Horizons sites across the country, and leveraging our expertise as out-of-school time providers to support COVID recovery.

By donating to Horizons National on Horizons Giving Day, you help ensure that our growing Network has the resources to support thousands of students and families for years to come, as we continue expanding Horizons to new communities and creating opportunities for all young people to build a bright future.

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