December Drive: Finishing Giving Tuesday

We nearly made it to our $30,000 Giving Tuesday Goal; let's finish the job! These funds will help us open a new site in the fall and expand our summer offerings

A fundraising campaign for Math Circles of Chicago

Six years ago we started holding a Saturday math enrichment program with a few dozen kids.

  • We have six locations throughout Chicago, with a goal to add a new site in 2018, 2019, and beyond. 570 kids are registered this fall.
  • We hold an annual Math Research Symposium attended by more than 130 students.
  • Over 200 students registered for our end of the school year math event, a Julia Robinson Math Festival.
  • We have developed a large network of mathematicians, graduate students, public school teachers, and community members to lead our events.

But to really see our impact, you have to hear from our kids and our parents:

  • "I learn new things about math every time I come to math circles."
  • "My 13 year old son has always done very well in math, always in the top of his class.  Funny thing, he hates doing math like he hates doing chores, but he loves Math Circles and that is why return for each session!"
  • "I liked today’s lesson because it was easy and challenging."
  • "I also like that it’s not just memorizing facts--I like changing the rules to a problem."
  • "When we heard about the Math Circles Program, my son was beyond excited. We participated in this summer’s math camp and my son did not want to leave. He was an engaged and enthusiastic learner throughout the duration of the camp. I also appreciated the diversity of the program and the instructors are ideal mentors. Please consider supporting this important program for kids who want to become more comfortable with math and of course for students who want to make math their life’s work."

We do novel math with kids. We do interesting investigations. Learning a mathematical procedure is like lifting weights in an exercise program--it's a means to playing the game. Math Circles is a chance to actually play the game of mathematics--the fun part, where math is accessible, fun, and challenging. 

We want all kids in Chicago to have access to this amazing mathematical experience. Please help us make this an opportunity a reality across our city! 

And if you need to register your 5th to 12th grader, registration opens November 28th!

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About the Organization

Math Circles of Chicago

The Math Circles of Chicago creates opportunities for all children across Chicago to develop a passion for mathematics.

Math Circles of Chicago achieves its mission by providing free, unique math enrichment programs for 5th–12th grade students of diverse backgrounds.