Deaf Center for Idaho

IAD has been working with members of the Deaf community to raise funds for our very own Deaf center, which would serve as a "one stop, shop center".

A fundraising campaign for Idaho Association of the Deaf

The Deaf community in Idaho has been actively raising funds for a Deaf center of our very own for about 12 years now.  The Deaf center would serve as a resource center for Deaf citizens of all ages, races, genders, educational backgrounds, and such.  The Idaho Association of the Deaf has a vision for this center and it includes residential space for those who are unable to live independently; a place for Deaf community members to get together, host events, host workshops; a place to offer education to everyone (such as ASL classes); a center for interpreting services, and so forth.  Help us reach our goal and build our Deaf center!  

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About the Organization

Idaho Association of the Deaf

The objectives of the IAD shall be-
a) To unite, in one harmonious organization, any deaf and hard of hearing Idahoans who shows an interest in the welfare of the deaf and hard of hearing.
b) To promote and protect the education, economic, social, welfare, and citizenship rights of any deaf and hard of hearing citizen of Idaho.
c) To affiliate with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and to support its objectives and bylaws