Creating Deaf youth leaders for a better tomorrow!

A fundraising campaign for Idaho Association of the Deaf

Through the eyes of a Deaf child.  Often they feel isolated, left out and alone.  They can only communicate with others that know sign language.  Often those people lack the same issue...role models, not aware that they can be so much more!  Deaf youth are not limited! 

Our camp is to help them find who they are!  What they can do! To learn to become leaders for their "tomorrow".  Discuss issues they are feeling with older Deaf leaders. The Deaf youth camp is co-directed by two Deaf adults with decades of experience working with Deaf youth.  We become their role models and they see potential, hope, and their "passion" come alive.  They learn about the Idaho Association of the Deaf and the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and what they do and have to offer.  They have the ability to put their "passion" on "blueprints and take it to a national level.  If selected, they become the "face" of NAD, doing workshops, fundraising events, and becoming role model for those experiencing the same thing.

Deaf Ambassadors of Idaho (DAI)'s goal is to educate them about issues pertaining to Deaf identity, Deaf Culture, education; and how to handle those issues, where to get resources, and how to share them with others; to be a mentor to whoever seeks our assistance.  We teach them how to advocate for themselves, give assistance to others, pave the way for the future so those struggling will have it easier.

Our tagline says it all!  Creating leaders for a Better Tomorrow!  That is the best way to explain what DAI is all about.

Our camp...also is ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!

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About the Organization

Idaho Association of the Deaf

The objectives of the IAD shall be-
a) To unite, in one harmonious organization, any deaf and hard of hearing Idahoans who shows an interest in the welfare of the deaf and hard of hearing.
b) To promote and protect the education, economic, social, welfare, and citizenship rights of any deaf and hard of hearing citizen of Idaho.
c) To affiliate with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and to support its objectives and bylaws