David J. Carter Memorial Scholarship Fund

It takes a village.

A fundraising campaign for Homewood Children's Village

Help Raise Awareness for Mental Health & $10,000 to Rebuild the David J. Carter Memorial Carter Scholarship Fund!

David J. Carter worked with Homewood Children’s Village as a coordinator in the Office of Research and Evaluation. After graduating as valedictorian from Wilkinsburg High School, his dream of becoming an aerospace engineer led him to study mechanical and biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated with honors. Before coming to the Village, David was a design engineer developing flight simulators for the US National Guard. Although he found the work fulfilling, he felt his talents could be used to drive a goal that was far more important to him. David strongly aligned with the Village concept, believing that people are tremendously social creatures and thrive in a supportive and healthy community. He sought to use his engineering, science, and math background to support our mission to strengthen Homewood and transform it into one of the region’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

David was a natural student from a young age, passionate about education and serving others. His passion for knowledge influenced those around him, as he supported others in pursuing their own goals and learning, often helping them to be able to succeed on their own. He was musical and artistic, self-taught in many creative pursuits, such as drawing and playing guitar.

The David J. Carter Memorial Scholarship was created to honor David’s many passions and greater purpose for serving others. Scholarships will be awarded to Westinghouse students who will carry on the light and brilliance David shared with us.

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