Dave Thomas TI Legacy Scholarship Fundraiser

A fundraising campaign for Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

Dave Thomas Legacy Award

Each year we award a CGTI participant with the Dave Thomas Legacy Award. We would like to continue to not only offer the award, but to offer a scholarship too. This fundraiser has been created to raise funds for the award. Anything raised beyond the scholarship amount, $319, will go to a youth in need of financial assistance in Dave's honor.

The Dave Thomas Legacy Award should go to someone who is a true friend to everyone, truly cares and is concerned about other people, is compassionate, has a lot of energy, is a risk taker, connects with those individuals that are harder to reach or someone who is (or has been) “high risk”, stands up for what they believe in, keeps going until they believe the job is done, puts the needs of other people first, is humble, has come a long way in their own right, and has a great sense of humor (and doesn’t mind good practical jokes, even at his or her own expense). It should not go to someone who is necessarily the loudest and most visible leader or the “shining star”.

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About the Organization

Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute

The Cebrin Goodman Teen Institute (CGTI) is a program of Illinois Association for Behavioral Health (IABH), a non-profit 501(c)(3) agency. It is an award-winning program that offer opportunities for teens around the state to learn about leadership, healthy choices, and working with other to create better communities.

CGTI is a youth leadership program that begins with a five-day training in July and continues year-round. CGTI is for youth entering 7th-12th grade for the upcoming school year. CGTI youth leaders work throughout the week to develop prevention strategies to create positive change in their schools and communities. IABH staff works closely with youth and their Community Action Team (CAT) throughout the school year to provide support and motivation as they progress through their action plans.