CYEP Holiday Fundraising Campaign

A fundraising campaign for Capital Youth Empowerment Program

CYEP is a unifying force in the DC area that is leveling the playing field for the underserved with transformational programs for disenfranchised families.

Capital Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP)

CYEP is on a mission to transform lives, communities, and industries. Our programming combines evidence-based curricula with a client-centered and strength-focused approach delivered by experienced and culturally competent mentors. CYEP's track record of providing sustained support to over 1,000 fathers and families has had a monumental impact in the National Capital Region over the past 13 years. In 2021, CYEP's impact and footprint grew exponentially. Learn more about our award-winning programming and ways you can help us level the playing field for the underserved: 

Project Success

Project Success is how we engage with our teenage and young adult population to promote positive youth development and healthy lifestyle choices. CYEP wants to ensure we provide our youth with programs that help them achieve their goals by becoming successful, productive adults. Project Success addresses various topics, including teen pregnancy prevention, domestic violence prevention, STEM, mental health awareness, and social and emotional learning.

STEM Decoded Mentoring Program

Our systems-based approach supports students by strengthening developmental assets through one-on-one mentoring, STEM learning, and exposure to college and corporate communities. Collaboration with higher education institutions, local school systems, like-minded youth development organizations, and the justice system provides a dynamic opportunity for growth and development.

Transformative Fatherhood Programming

Fathers in Tech takes fathers on a transformative journey that increases the quality of each father's interactions with his children and loved ones while also providing economic growth and family empowerment opportunities. Using a unique approach of social interventions combined with workforce skills development, CYEP can harness every father's potential and unlock the inner strength needed to compete and succeed in today's society. 

Community Service

CYEP actively serves the DC Metro area by participating in and sponsoring coat drives, toy drives, food drives, and other community service projects. We also provide monthly opportunities for our families to enjoy sporting events, musical and cultural performances, and museums. We recognize that holidays are a time where there is more need for resources and activities for families, and we elevate our efforts during those times.

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