Creating Joy During COVID-19

Your donation allows us to spread joy to people living with memory loss during this unsettling time, making the social isolation they face more manageable.

Creating Joy During COVID-19

Due to the impact of COVID-19, our friends living with memory loss, who may already feel their worlds are small, are now cut off from many delightsfriends, grandchildren, going out to eat, seeing concerts, visiting museums... Though it is not safe to visit face to face, they are not forgotten.

It is now, more than ever, that we need to find joy and share it with our loved ones.

At the Memory Maker Project, we are working hard to develop creative virtual ways to engage people living with memory loss, their care partners, and the older generation in general, making the social isolation they are facing more manageable. 

Current Initiatives

1. Creation of an online resource guide for care partners including: 

  • A database of images with conversation prompts.  
  • Footage of musicians, actors, and other performing artists with interactive questions.
  • Printable short stories written especially for people with dementia and their care partners.

2. Connecting volunteers with older adults for friendly phone calls.

  • Development of prompts for introductions and thoughtful conversations.
  • Offering ongoing training and support to volunteers.

3. Development of an interactive radio hour in partnership with Bundy Radio WBDY-LP 99.5. 

  • Featuring scripts from classic radio shows with open ended questions throughout.

4. Development of a virtual community with local nursing homes.

5. Reaching out to the community to understand what further support is needed. 

How can you help?

This is your chance to find and spread joy during this unsettling time.

We are going to be frankthis is real time work that does not have funding.  The bulk of our Spring revenue is dependent on visiting nursing homes, which we are unable to do. A donation today will support the platforms we use to reach people living with memory loss who are isolated during COVID-19 as well as the time staff used to connect folks and to create content for our initiatives. 

Please donate here to support the Memory Maker Project’s vital work that is happening now. 

We know that that meaningful engagement in the arts reduces anxiety, depression, and apathy—all symptoms associated with memory loss—while increasing confidence and the quality of a person's life. During this time, more than ever, we need to ensure our older friends are living with as much quality as possible. 

Become a Merrymaker!

Performers: We are asking our performer friends to assist with creating/sharing footage of their 2-9 minute performances. 

Conversation Partners: Are you adept at chitchat? Your time has come! We are looking for volunteers to reach out with phone calls to people living with memory loss.  

Interested in helping? Fill out this form.

If you know someone who needs a phone call please reach out! We are excited about connecting volunteers and our participants. 

Contact Christina ( if you’re interested in any of the above! 

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