Created and Called Video Series

A fundraising campaign for Diocesan Vocation Office

The “Created and Called” video series is designed to create a widespread digital encounter on the goodness of discerning our vocation, which will lead to additional personal accompaniment of discerners within the Diocese of Cleveland.  

This “digital encounter” will reach families, students, and young adults first through digital media [social media, YouTube, websites], offering high quality mini-documentaries on various topics surrounding the recent Synodal topics of “Youth, Faith, and Vocational Discernment”. Video titles will focus upon: “Encounter”, “Prayer”, “Interruption & Invitation”, “Discernment 101”, “Discernment & Christian Sexuality”, and others. 

These high quality videos will then provide a gateway to “accompaniment” of discerners. When youth groups, young adult discussion groups at parishes and colleges, and individuals around the diocese view the “Created and Called” series these videos will provide a clear and inspiring message on the goodness of discernment and vocation. This will generate additional personal conversations between those in the Diocesan Vocation Office and the many discerners within our diocesan family. It is only through this kind of personal accompaniment does one reach a moment of clarity and confidence to act courageously towards choosing one’s vocational path. 

Currently the vision is to create a total of 10-12 mini-documentaries and release them once per month. Additionally, 3-4 short clips will supplement the main video each month with additional information on each topic. Several videos will be created in Spanish as well to increase our ministry to the increasing young Hispanic population within our diocesan family. 

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