Crates for Kids

A fundraising campaign for Francis Center, Inc

What can a crate of books do for a child?

At Francis Center in Niagara Falls, NY, our team is devoted to helping at-risk children in grades 2 and 3 catch up to their classmates before it's too late.

Research has shown that Grade 3 is a pivot point in academic success.  We are proud to say that each child who participated in the "magic penny" reading program last year at Francis Center showed significant improvement int heir reading scores.

We want to send each child in our program home with a crate of books -- for just $10/child, we can make that happen and put them on a pathway to success!

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About the Organization

Francis Center is a place where children living in the inner city of Niagara Falls come to discover the joy of creativity and learning.
We offer a variety of programs that teach children fundamentals that contribute to a healthy, happy, productive life: knowledge, kindness and creative expression. Here, in a welcoming, safe environment, they enrich their academic skills while participating in fun activities and learning to treat others with respect.

Francis Center offers its thanks for donations and grants received from throughout our community, and the valued participation of volunteers who contribute their time and energy to encouraging young children to learn, discover, explore and thrive.