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We need your help!

Update: We will be opening our doors again on June 1st, and we cannot wait to see everyone's smiling faces again. Please help us ensure that we will have enough cleaning supplies to help keep our centers COVID free for the foreseeable future. 

Giraffe Laugh families and teachers are hunkered down as we enter a time of uncertainty due to the recent outbreak of  Covid-19. Every day, more and more people are being impacted by this pandemic and Giraffe Laugh took action to close our centers in conjunction with the nearby school districts to protect the families we serve and our community at large. 

While our centers are closed we are serving our mission in two ways: providing critical services such as food and supplies to parents and teachers, and learning how to teach our children while they are home through web-based social learning time. Think webinars, but for preschoolers! 

Giraffe Laugh needs your support now, more than ever, during these uncertain times. Without student tuition, having to cancel the bowl-a-thon and other fundraising events, we are at risk of not meeting our ongoing financial obligations (salaries, lease payments, utilities, etc.). We need you to help us so we are here when we reopen our doors, hearts, and arms to the children and families we serve.

We ask that you join us today by contributing toward Giraffe Laugh’s efforts to support our community and to continue building strong futures for our children and families. If you'd like to be a part of impacting our youngest learners, please donate here today. 

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About the Organization

Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Centers

We provide early care and education to young children by ensuring school readiness, empowering families and building strong futures.

Every child in the Treasure Valley has access to quality early care and education and all parents are supported through the early years of parenthood regardless of age or income.

Our Work:
We know by ensuring kids are ready for kindergarten and empowering families, we are building strong futures every day.

Giraffe Laugh currently has 550 children on the waiting list aging out daily before they have a chance to attend a quality setting that will ensure school readiness. We plan to take as many of those names off of our list as possible this year and we need your help!

Children who attend quality preschools are more likely to graduate from High School, earn higher incomes and be proficient in math and reading by 3rd grade.

Why is this important? Because future prison populations are based on third-grade reading levels.

A child who enters kindergarten prepared to learn has greater success throughout their lives....

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