COVID-19 Crisis Fund for Parents & Babies

A fundraising campaign for Healthy Baby Network

During the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is vitally important to continue providing support to parents and babies and we need your help.

Healthy Baby Network’s Board of Directors and staff take COVID-19 (coronavirus) very seriously and understand how vitally important it is to continue providing support and assistance to parents and babies. 

During this time of extraordinary challenge, we are helping families access food, baby formula, and baby supplies like diapers and wipes and providing additional supports via phone, social media, and email.

Your support of our work is invaluable. This is a crisis campaign to ensure that the babies, parents, and families we care for are able to weather the crisis. Thank you for all you do for our most vulnerable community members

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About the Organization

Healthy Baby Network ensures that every parent in our community has the information and support needed to bring a healthy baby into a nurturing home.

Healthy Baby Network, founded in 1996, is dedicated to improving health and well being for mothers, fathers, and babies by addressing the systemic barriers that cause racial health disparities and prevent positive birth outcomes. We do this through outreach, education, case management, and research.