Cortland Free Library − 2022 Annual Fund Drive

Show your library some love!

A fundraising campaign for Cortland Free Library

If you LOVE reading, LOVE the notion of universal literacy, and LOVE the principle of free and equitable access to information - now is an opportune time to show it: By supporting the Cortland Free Library 2022 Annual Fund Raiser!

When you do, you'll be helping our cherished institution meet ongoing needs like:

  • supplies, crafts, and materials for youth and adult programs
  • enrichment and maintenance of our various collections
  • technology purchases and upgrades
  • upkeep of our glorious, historic structure (e.g. keeping the lights on, the grass mowed, the heat on in winter, the sidewalks shoveled when snow flies, etc.)
  • staff training
  • office supplies & other operating costs
  • and more!

If all of this and all we do is important to you, show your library some love! (Every gift helps, no matter the size.)

Funds raised will be put to good use under advisement of our professional library staff and with guidance from our dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees!

Note: Our donation form through GiveGab works best in Chrome and FireFox, so if you have any issues seeing a complete donor form to fill out -- please switch to one of these browsers. Thank you!

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