Cornell Biorobotics & Locomotion Lab

Supervised by Professor Andy Ruina, we study human and robotic motion, particularly locomotion. Currently, we're focused on building an efficient biped robot.

A fundraising campaign for College of Engineering

We use mechanics ideas to study human and robotic motion - locomotion in particular. We hope that our work can help the diagnosis and rehabilitation of people with movement disorders, robotic control, the understanding of coordination in general and, indirectly, engineering education. Homepage.

Currently, our focus is on building Tik-Tok, an efficient, robust, and nimble open-source legged robot. This robot aims to match the robustness of other biped robots, such as Boston Dynamic's New Atlas, but at a tenth the cost and energy usage. Funding from this campaign would support the development of this robot. We hope other groups will be able to use our robotic platform to further the development of practical humanoid robots.

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