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Help us support our friends and neighbors by linking them with the programs they need and want to live their best life possible.

A fundraising campaign for Prairieland Service Coordination, Inc.

Our communities are amazing places that offer many wonderful programs and services, but sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. What if there was a program that could help with this, whose purpose was to get you to the program or service you needed and wanted and to help you every step of the way? Prairieland Service Coordination believes this is possible.

Who We Are

Prairieland Service Coordination, Inc. (PSCI) is an Independent Service Coordination Agency funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services, and serves as a doorway to the state developmental disabilities services delivery system by providing conflict-free case management to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advocate for individuals and families that often times cannot advocate for themselves.

Everyday Prairieland staff receive requests for services that we are not able to provide. We can provide a name and number, but we do not have the resources to follow up and assist individuals in connecting to the services they are requesting. We know that when individuals are linked to and receiving the services they want and need, they are able to live their best lives possible; they find a home, a job, connect to their communities and build relationships with new friends and people who care about them and support their dreams. Which is why Prairieland would like to provide additional service coordination supports through a new program called Square 1.

Square 1

Square 1 would provide case management services to individuals whom many of us would call friends and neighbors who may not qualify for Prairieland's current state funded services. Square 1 would provide people a vital link to readily available services in our communities that they need, want, and deserve.   

Square 1 would help make calls, research available resources, provide transportation to appointments, help individuals complete paperwork, and follow up with them after they are linked to make sure they are getting what they need and moving towards sustainability.

We Need Your Help

We need your help to make this program a reality.  YOU can help connect your friends and neighbors to your community by donating today. Square 1 is possible with support like YOURS!

Thank you so very much for your support!


Hello, my name is Fay and my twin brother Ray is a client of Prairieland, with Shannon representing him/us.

This program that Shannon helped us get enrolled in has been a TREMENDOUS help with being able to keep Ray in our home and the freedom to be able to take care of Ray without the worry of finding someone to be with him while we were working.  Shannon is the embodiment of the perfect representative in that she is always caring, supportive, informative and if she doesn't have the information she goes the extra mile(or 10) to try to get it!

Ray ABSOLUTELY LOVES Shannon!! He replied when asked why he "loves" her, he said that she will always talk with me about how things are going or if there is something that he needs help with.

I Thank God every day for this program and I am sure others do as well!


Fay and Ray 

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