Sullivan Fresh Community Cupboard

This is not a charity. We don’t want to treat hunger; we want to solve it! —Marty Colavito, Prevention Programs Issue Leader

Be a part of the solution.

In response to COVID-19, CCE Sullivan and community coalition Sullivan Allies Leading Together (SALT), began door to door food distribution and nutrition outreach to combat hunger and food insecurity, a program now dubbed the Sullivan Fresh Community Cupboard. Initially funded by grants from the NYS Department of Education, secured by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther’s office, the last contract ended June 30, 2022. We have not yet secured a new grant to continue the program and are relying on donors like you! The program has distributed enough groceries for more than a half a million meals and personal necessities to folks from all walks of life, across 1,000 square miles, since March 2020! Food is procured from farm and food producers and donors in Sullivan County and the surrounding region, and the Hudson Valley Food Bank. The Community Cupboard is reaching folks who were in need well before the pandemic; invisible populations in public housing, motels, migrant workers, seniors, disabled veterans in hyper rural housing communities, and others, with no transportation, limited access to services, and living in food deserts. The regular outreach and contact has given these folks a lifeline, a connection to each other, a link to the larger community, and hope. We need your help to keep this program going! While the pandemic is waning, food insecurity is not. Please consider a generous contribution to help sustain the Sullivan Fresh Community Cupboard. All contributions are tax deductible!

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to serve farmers, families, and young people in Sullivan County, during good times and bad, for decades to come.


Colleen Monaghan, Executive Director

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