Community Outreach Program

People Helping People

A fundraising campaign for Saviors Savings souls

Our campaign provides families, youth and homeless veterans, with toys, food, clothes and toiletries. It is the small things that make people smile, minor for some people is major to those in need. that is why your help and support plays a vital role. We host community events bi-weekly and youth toy drives annually. 

One of our more recent community events hosted was for homeless mothers. We catered to their needs, provided food, gifts, and shared in engaging conversations. The mothers entered the event with a defeated appearance and toward the end of the event there was a sincere look of hope on their faces. 

The Community Outreach Program provides a variety of services; which include street based services, education and prevention services to families, homeless veterans and at-risk youth who have been subjected to or at risk of sexual exploitation or abuse. 

Your help is needed to continue our efforts. Please become a Savior and Save a Soul.

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About the Organization

Saviors Savings souls

The mission of Saviors Saving Souls is to cultivate global service initiatives. We strive to create affordable green housing opportunities, for veterans and low income families. While fostering family and community interaction while striving to preserve family life.