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A fundraising campaign for Community Foundation of Tompkins County
#GivingTuesday, is a nationwide effort that allows the Community Foundation to spotlight the important role you play locally. It brings the spirit of charitable giving and ... a surprise! An anonymous donor is feeling the love on #GivingTuesday and with your gift will donate $1,000 to us! Donations made between 2pm - 3pm ET will be doubled up to $50 until the $1,000 runs out. 
Please if you've been thinking about getting into the #GivingTuesday spirit ... your gift between 2pm - 3pm ET will double the impact and double the love for us. Are we your favorite, top 3 perhaps, nonprofit?

A gift to your Community Foundation is really an investment in the future of your community. Your funds work immediately supporting vital services, and they provide sustained support for years to come. We say that community foundations are “here for good.” At your Community Foundation, we don’t think about the next election or business cycle; we think about the next generation and the next after that. That can seem a daunting task, but it’s one that we all share. Join us in recognizing our collective impact and the difference we can make together.

Please consider giving now to help us with your online gift today. 

Thank you!

Community Foundation of Tompkins County StaffAmy, George, Janet, Matthew and Nancy

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About the Organization

Community Foundation of Tompkins County

Every year, guided by the board’s values-based philanthropy, donor’s gifts are granted outright or invested and directed in a way that matches the values of the donor.

A few examples of recent impact. Grant Review Teams see an increase in applications and hard choices to make to distribute funds to non-profits in the region. An example, did you know there are libraries in our region that cannot afford story time for children? Community Foundation grants made this possible. What about our aging population that can barely cover housing and medical expenses and groceries? Community Foundation grants bring fresh, nutritious food to these individuals free of charge. Or what about at-risk youth in our county who have found employment and purpose at local farm programs the Foundation helps?

With your help, significant progress has been made to continue this good work and to achieve our mission to improve the quality of life in Tompkins County.

Thank you for your generosity.