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3/1/2018 Update! Our sweet Pillow Top is feeling muuuuch better. Just look at her roll and rumble. Over the hump and ready for a new beginning! A big thank you to her foster momma for taking her in and her supporters hat helped Pillow Top reach this milestone.

2/22/2018 Update!!  Sweet girl gets to leave the office and return to her foster home.  She isn't out of the woods yet but is no longer requiring IV fluids and in office care.  Although she hasn't had any seizures in the last several days, she still has a serious respiratory infection and two tick-borne diseases.  A big shout out to her foster mom for continuing to care for her and opening the doors to her home.   Keep rooting for our Pillow Top!  She is a wonderful and gentle soul.  

"Pillow Top" named for her easy-going gentle personality (and because we are running out of names many days) needs your support. This lovely lady was rescued from the Pleasanton shelter. A beautiful yellow Labrador Pyrenees mix, we thought her adoption would be fairly routine.  But four days after SNIPSA took her under our wings, she started experiencing terrible seizures.  She was also having trouble breathing with a significant respiratory infection.  We did all the regular bloodwork and also explored the possibility of tick borne disease. Sure enough, Pillow Top tested positive for both Ehrlichia and Lymes Disease.  She most likely has multiple medical issues we are trying to figure out. In the meantime, keep rooting for our girl. She is on a gamut of medications and IV fluids. We are hopeful she will pull through although she is not feeling very well. 

And as always, if you can donate towards her care- we would greatly appreciate your support!

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