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You make a difference and improve the quality of life in Tompkins County. Donors expand our capacity to meet critical needs and challenges. (NEW goal below!)

A fundraising campaign for Community Foundation of Tompkins County

The $10,000 goal is surpassed because of generous people. THANK YOU! Please keep your gifts coming, it means we will do more locally. A *stretch* $20,000 goal ties in and recognizes our county's 200th year!

You most likely understand that our community needs donors. Please support the Community Foundation (above are examples of what your gift amount can do) and provide a wide range of support to areas in need. Your gift will touch every corner of Tompkins County.

Donors help support tutors who work with elementary and middle school students at no cost. Donors can help employ adults with barriers to work (e.g. a disability, a criminal record, or an academic issue). Donors gifts of time and financial support helps kids, elderly, women and men in a range of income levels, veterans, animals, environment, arts and more. You may not meet the person you help with your gift but someone's life is better because of you.  

Thank you. Tompkins County is a better place to live because of you. 

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About the Organization

Community Foundation of Tompkins County

Every year, guided by the board’s values-based philanthropy, donor’s gifts are granted outright or invested and directed in a way that matches the values of the donor.

A few examples of recent impact. Grant Review Teams see an increase in applications and hard choices to make to distribute funds to non-profits in the region. An example, did you know there are libraries in our region that cannot afford story time for children? Community Foundation grants made this possible. What about our aging population that can barely cover housing and medical expenses and groceries? Community Foundation grants bring fresh, nutritious food to these individuals free of charge. Or what about at-risk youth in our county who have found employment and purpose at local farm programs the Foundation helps?

With your help, significant progress has been made to continue this good work and to achieve our mission to improve the quality of life in Tompkins County.

Thank you for your generosity.