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Help us send our Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change™ to every public high school science teacher.

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Join us in sending The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change to every public high school science teacher in the US free of charge.

CLIMATE CHANGE is the greatest human challenge of the 21st century.  Scientists overwhelmingly agree that atmospheric pollutants are causing Earth’s climate to warm at an unprecedented rate.  The effects are already visible at both local and global scales.

This campaign supports the first part of a nationwide project.  Reaching our Phase 1 goal will allow us to put The Teacher-Friendly-Guide to Climate Change in the hands of every high school science teacher in the Northeast region.  Part two of the project will be a campaign to accomplish the larger task of reaching every US science teacher.  Please join us!


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With the funds collected so far, The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change has been sent to science teachers in every high school in:

State Schools Teachers
Idaho 164 959
New Hampshire 84 756
Connecticut 185 2048
South Carolina 233 2841
Maine 119 756
Vermont 59 351
New York City 443 3365

AND - to science teachers in 30 additional states!

THE FIRST STEP to address the challenge of climate change is to understand it.  The most effective way to increase understanding nationwide is to support the nation’s classroom teachers with outstanding resources.  The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), of Ithaca New York, is uniquely positioned to inform the national debate on climate change.  We have just published The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change, written by PRI staff with input from IPCC lead authors and leading climate scientists.  This book is intended to provide professional development support for high school science teachers, based on the best-available climate change science.

SUPPORT a special teacher!  Do you know a high school science teacher who deserves a shout-out?  Or did you have a teacher who made an impact on your learning?  Send The Teacher-Friendly Guide to your favorite science teacher.  With a $25 donation we can send a book, in your name, directly to a teacher you designate.  For $100 you can designate an entire high school.  When you make your donation, email moore@priweb.org with the name of the teacher, the school and state, and we will let your teacher know that you appreciate their work!

TFG TO CLIMATE CHANGE is written for teachers who could benefit from a “teacher-friendly” resource that includes both the basics of climate change science and perspectives on teaching a subject that has become socially and politically polarized.  The guide is written for high school Earth science and environmental science teachers, and provides information and graphics that a secondary school teacher needs in the classroom.  The book also speaks to a wider audience, including educators of other grade levels, subjects, and contexts, as well as non-teachers who find the approach helpful.  Climate change is a scientific issue, but it is also a historical, social, psychological, and economic issue that can only be deeply understood through mathematics, language and art.

Help us put The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change in the hands of every public high school science teacher in the US.

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