Children's Programming

Cultivating the Future for Our Children

The future now looks bright for Brianna.

Before her time as a Phipps high school intern, Brianna was unsure about the future, what to pursue and become as an adult. Now, inspired by Phipps, she is eager to study environmental science. Phipps “helped me graduate with STEM honors from high school and live more sustainably with less,” she said. Phipps has made a world of difference to Brianna.

Your support will help show the way to 1 in 5 area children like her who come to Phipps every year to encounter the life-changing beauty and importance of nature and gain a love and better aptitude for science and conservation – an important tool to help raise the U.S. ranking of 36th among industrialized nations in math and 25th in science.

We are especially hoping to build upon our successful Bringing Eco-Science to Life education programs for middle and high school students – by helping more students and teachers grow in environmental awareness, community engagement, and career skills.

You know and love Phipps and our region, and so we ask you to please join us to inspire a new generation of scientists, gardeners and environmental stewards with your support today.

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About the Organization

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Where do you go to celebrate nature?

As Pittsburghers have done for 124 years, you go to Phipps!

Because you know you'll discover the beautiful, inner world of plants at one of the world's top garden-conservatories. You and your family will also experience the finest exhibits and educational programs being presented by expert staff who have earned more than 80 recent awards for professional excellence.

Your support of Phipps touches the lives of up to one in nine area residents, including more than 60,000 children. Whether it's a child who smiles at the first up-close look at a palm tree; a student or scientist who achieves a breakthrough in their work; or, an adult who is ennobled by the garden's beauty- all are gratified to gain the Conservatory's life-enhancing insights.

Phipps is your garden. We exist to serve you and your loved ones by meeting the need to:
1. Create and cultivate beauty, advancing life's quality
2. Sharpen sustainable gardening and landscaping skills and science
3. Fix malnutrition in city food-deserts with a neighborhood network of backyard,...

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