Chicks & Hogs BBQ and Brew Off!

A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of Lake Houston

We're cookin' for a cause... so put your money where your mouth is! Learn more at

Family Promise of Lake Houston provides a caring and positive environment for homeless children and their families while they design and execute a plan to break the cycle of homelessness in their lives. While utilizing the energy of over 2,800 community volunteers, together we are dedicated to serving families who seek to be accountable, resilient, and strive for a better tomorrow for their families.

FPLH stresses the importance of keeping families together. Families need time to heal and work together to gain their independence from poverty and homelessness. Our program provides daily support and educational programs that lead each family to permanent self-sufficiency. During the day time hours, the families are at our Life Skills Center working with our staff on individual case management, weekly goal setting, life skills classes, a fast track GED certificate program, individualized education programs, parenting and financial literacy classes. We also provide a two-year, after-care program for all of our graduates to enhance their success.

Chicks & Hogs BBQ and Brew-Off is our biggest fundraiser and the largest source of fundraising income here at Family Promise of Lake Houston. This fundraiser sets the stage and budget for the following year, therefore determining the amount of families we can serve with shelter and resources. Your support of a registered cook team or brewery doesn't just help them win the Boss Hog or Boss Grog, but also supports a family in need. Share with your friends or join your favorite cook-team to fundraise with us this year for Chicks & Hogs 2021! Let's make it the BEST YEAR EVER! 

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