Cherry Hill Properties Fundraiser

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A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of Lawrence

Matching Challenge

Cherry Hill Properties will generously match each donation up to $10,000 for a total impact of $20,000 to support our local neighbors who are facing, experiencing, or recovering from homelessness.  In 2020 we served 1327 individuals, 804 of which were children. As we move into 2021 the need is not decreasing.  Thank you for making a difference today!

Who is Family Promise?

Family Promise of Lawrence (FPL) works with families who are facing, experiencing, or recovering from homelessness.

Please Help

We are working closely with other social service providers and with community leaders to move families in need as quickly as possible into safe housing.    All of us can take pride in the ongoing collaborative effort to safely house vulnerable populations.

Will you please offer your support at this critical time and make a gift today to ensure we are able to remain responsive to families’ emerging needs related to the coronavirus and its impact in our community?

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Family Promise of Lawrence