Change a Life through Music

Twenty students need your help! This year, we'll open two new classes for cello and bass students. They need instruments to get started. Can you help?

A fundraising campaign for Buffalo String Works

Each day, the classrooms at Buffalo String Works fill with children from all across the city. The bustle of kids excited to play, connecting with one another, fills our practice space with energy. 

Eh Kee is a refugee from Burma. At age 8, she picked up the viola for the first time and found a new way to express herself outside of language. At each practice, she is making friends and connecting with others. 

Sam was born in the US and struggled to stay focused in school. He started violin classes two years ago and his parents and teachers continue to notice a marked improvement in Sam’s behavior. In fact, during this year’s BSW summer camp, Sam insisted on arriving 30 minutes early every single day because he was so excited to play!

Serea is a first generation American, born to parents from Eritrea. Kids like Serea can often feel stuck between two cultures but playing the cello has helped to ground her and provides an outlet for her conflicting emotions.

Every child has a unique story. At Buffalo String Works, we believe that the community of a music classroom, the mentorship of committed teaching artists, and the joy of expression found in music help each student on a journey all their own. Students blossom as they form friendships with their peers and connect with caring adults. Their confidence grows with their mastery, and they become proud, committed individuals with the potential to become leaders in our community. They grow as friends, as musicians, and as citizens.

This year, the program will welcome over 85 children to our classes. Due to continued growth, 4 new classrooms--one each for violin, viola, cello, and bass--will open this year! The cost of welcoming 20 students to a year of learning is about $29,200. We need your help to make sure those students start the year with all they need to succeed, including an instrument to call their own. 

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